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Rotwild is a famous local bicycle manufacturer in Germany. It has a long history and strong strength. Looking back on the Rotwild, it's almost seen as a microcosm of German bikes. Rotwild has also worked with Mercedes Benz's imperial high performance conversion unit, AMG, to build ROTWILD, R.R2, Rotwild, GT-S and other classic mountain bikes. Recently, Rotwild presented a prototype concept mountain bike, RDHP1, in 1996. unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the concept car was not mass produced, but as a concept car, it had an indelible impact on the later mountain bike improvements, and after 20 years, looked back -

frame is made of 7020 aluminum alloy, 7020 with high strength and good weldability and process performance. It is the main welding structural material for aerospace vehicle and ground vehicle and equipment. The frame tube top, with black label "1966", "RDH" and "P1" and "PROTOTYPE (prototype)" and other words, the design and development of Rotwild's ADP ENGINEERING department, today it seems that concept may be more appropriate. transmission Sachs once daring vanguard in 1992 to create a 7 speed change within the drum, acquired by SRAM in 1997 to continue production in speed, but with the development of the times, in the speed gradually being abandoned and the rise of European and American mainstream mountain bike, motorcycles also continue to squeeze in the speed of the market, SRAM has announced its withdrawal from the current in the field of transmission.

If we look at
, the electronic controller is not clear in the transmission drum plus external is help to reduce the rear wheel unsprung mass. (spring mass is the mass that is not supported by the elastic elements in the suspension system. The smaller the mass of the spring means the better dynamic response and control performance of the suspension system.)

Sachs has been studying in the field of internal transmission, but because of this or that factor, the speed change has been warm and never became the mainstream of mountain cars, and now even has a tendency to shrink.

The design of
Rotwil designers keen to brake, the front brake disc is RDH. Although the Sachs disc never really popular, but it also gives the design of mountain bike follow-up provides great reference value. Because the disc appeared before the installation seat disc standard in the formulation so -- that the customization of the disk brake seat mounted on the front fork.

brake is one of the prototype products designed by ADP Engineering. Due to intense downhill movement, using the original Magura brake ring will often lead to brake is strongly distorted, in order to reduce.

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